Skincare Travel Switch Ups

Skincare Travel Switch-Ups

Photo from Instagram: Shay Mitchell

Packing the wrong beauty products for the wrong climate is kind of like packing your swimsuit for the ski slopes — you could do it, but it’s probably (definitely) not the best option. The same packing rules apply to your beauty kit. Changes in weather can affect the effectiveness of your skincare products, meaning: to pack well, you need to switch things up. Here’s a guide to helping you pack to perfection.

If you’re traveling somewhere cold like New York in February: The best plan of attack for that itchy, dry feeling all over your face when you arrive into a cold climate? Heavy, oil-infused creams. Ingredients like Shea Butter found in Moisture Cloud Face Cream that nourish your skin and helps repair skin cell damage.

A destination where you’re coming in hot like the 4th of July: If you’re heading to a destination with sunshine and heat — just like you’re going to be packing your flimsiest outfits — pack your thinnest moisturizers - opt for something lightweight and water-based such as the High-Altitude Hydration Mask. While you’re mentally: OOO, this leave-in face mask is best used when you’re relaxed paired with some beauty sleep. Packed with hero ingredients like Australian Wildberry Harvest and Hyaluronic Acid work to hydrate and plump your skin. You will also find Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract, so you’ll wake up feeling soothed and refreshed.

Going somewhere dryer than Dubai in May: there is no moisture in the air, meaning anything with Hyaluronic Acid is going to be your best travel-BFF! It holds 800 times its weight in moisture (impressive, right?), which will help supplement what’s lacking in the air. You will find it the Look Alive In The Sky Serum.Layer and massage on before your moisturize! Also, don’t forget your neck and hands area as this helps reduce the appearance of aging! 

Humidity is no one’s best friend: there’s a good chance your skin’s oil production is going to go into overdrive. This is when you’re going to feel the benefits of exfoliation (i.e., acids like AHAs and BHAs), which will keep your pores unclogged. If it’s a hot, humid location, follow with lightweight gel hydration, like the Intense Hydration Booster. For cold, humid destinations, follow with a rich oil-rich cream, such as Cloud Face Cream.

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